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The can is tight in the Woodzie, is there anything I can do?

I test fit a can into each Woodzie before shipping, but the Woodzie is made of solid wood, and will move with the seasons. I find it can be a bit tight in the dead of winter, and a bit looser in the middle of the summer. If it is the middle of winter, you may wish to wait a bit for the wood to expand, or you can lightly sand the cork down until the can fits snugly, but don't go too far or the fit will be lose in the summer. If it is in the middle of the summer, you will need to sand down the cork to get a good fit.

I mostly drink 16 oz. cans, but OCCASIONALLY like a 12 oz beer.

If you purchased a 16 oz. Woodzie, but would like to use it to drink a 12 oz beer, you will need to fill the space (1.5") to accommodate a smaller can. I have used a racquetball or similar sized ball to take up the space, but any 1.5" spacer will do.